Photo Story: People of the Hills

Besides the wonderful views, invigorating walks, wholesome food and perfect weather one of the reasons we love Uttarakhand was the people. There is a special something about the people of the hills. Their ready smiles, easy nonchalance and generous hospitality means that you are never far from a good conversation and a steaming, sweet, cup…

The Pushkar Mela in Photos

A photo essay on the Pushkar Mela with its camels, street artist, elaborately turbaned villagers, naga sadhus, colourful nomads & everything else in between.

A walk down Fontainhas; a small slice of Portugal in Goa

The sun is slowly setting in the cloudy Fontainhas sky bathing the red and yellow buildings in a subtle glow. In the distance we hear the sounds of mass in the Latin quarters’ St. Sebastian Church, but our attention is drawn instead to the mournful sounds of a violin coming from a house nearby. We…

A little slice of life in Fort Kochi

We came to Fort Kochi a bit tired and bedraggled after a wonderful, but strenuous 13 day journey along the River Nila (which we will tell you about soon!), with the idea of just spending a couple of days relaxing and lazing before returning home to Bombay. But the moment we reached this quaint little corner…

Punjab In Pictures

Some of our favourite photos from our three week journey through Punjab

People of Nagaland

Our 10 favourite portraits from our time spent in India’s far east.

If it’s September, it must be Ziro!

Turns out September has brought us back to the stunning Ziro Valley again, for one of the nicest music festivals in the country. Replete with green and yellow checkered fields, with a ring of towering mountains in the distance, Ziro is the perfect place to soak in some great music and vistas. There is also…

Celebrating India

On the occasion of Indian Independence, we have compiled a series of images that represent and celebrate the country. Full of diversity in its people, history, heritage, food, language, religion and culture, India is a mystifying amalgamation and an amazing place where so much diversity that been absorbed and assimilated into what defines the country….