reDiscovery Podcast S4E2: Winter travel options!

When you aim to travel a country as vast as India, while there is always someplace new to explore and rediscover, there are many that warrant a second and sometimes third visit!

In this episode we talk about our Winter Wishlist, places we have visited before but would like to return to in the winter. So check out the episode to learn about some of our favourite places that you can visit this coming winter, including the magical Dawki in Meghalaya, the wildlife and birdwatching hotspot of Chilika Lake in Odisha, our favourite state Nagaland, where we are leading our first ever tour and Binsar and Landour in beautiful Uttarakhand.

So if you planning your winter break, and are looking for some cool holiday ideas, make sure to listen in now!

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Almora mountain view
The Nanda Devi range In Uttarakhand

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