reDiscovery Podcast S4E3: Offbeat Road Trips to Discover India

Roadtrip !!! Yep, everyone loves a good roadtrip and we are here to tell you that India has plenty of them. And no … we are not talking about Delhi to Leh or Mumbai to Goa .. both great roadtrips, but probably a bit overdone!! We are going to take you on roadtrip through some…

A village called Bam & how we discovered our kind of travel

There was a palpable, tense undercurrent in the car. We’d spent the previous day on a 10 hour drive from the cool and green Bomdila to the horrible dusty town of North Lakhimpur. We’d been pelted with bananas en route by gregarious, drunk revellers and the only hotel we found in North Lakhimpur was shabby…

Maharashtra Monsoons!

From the Sahyadri Mountains to the Malvan coast, roadtripping through Maharashtra in the rains. Check out the map here.

The endless road to Tawang

You remember the lush greenery that was your constant companion, the strange ferns, cacti and trees, the shocking pink wildflowers, the mist that turned 11am into darkness, and the massive mountains that go on forever. You remember the constant feeling of awe and more than a little bit of fear that only nature can inspire

Of Sadhus and Sins

One of the largest religious gatherings in the world, the Kumbh Mela is also the largest outdoor party for Sadhus or Hindu priests. Held every three years in 4 different locations across Northern India, the Kumbh is the Hindu version of Sunday confession. Every three years people gather, from all across the world, to pay…