Tracing the Origins of Madhubani Paintings in Bihar

It gave us a form, a way to express ourselves,” says Godavari Devi, remembering a time gone by. I am sitting in the modest living room of her home in the small, quiet hamlet of Ranti, near Madhubani town, while she regales us with tales from her travels as a National Award-winning Madhubani artist. Behind…

The reDiscovery Podcast S02E07: Cool shopping ideas from across India

Shopping is a large part of travel for most people, especially in a place like India that is full of amazing art, handicrafts, textiles, antiques and everything in between. While we don’t shop much, since we travel on a tight budget with already stuffed backpacks in public transport, every now and then we do pick…

Chanderi: Beyond the Sari

Chanderi is known for its famous ‘tana-bana’ style of weaving, and while the Saris are stunning, this ancient trading town offers so much more.

Devrai Art Village and the Dhokra of Mohenjo Daro

Nestled amongst flowers, trees and the low call of birds, on a gently sloping hill, is an old Ficus tree, with branches that almost touch the ground around creating a natural grove. It is in the natural cave of the old tree that the concept of the Devrai Art Village was born, a space and…

Kirtan Das and the Art Village of Orissa

Something about his quiet demeanour stood out, his smile was humble, warm and inviting. His small home, dimly lit by a single naked bulb, was cluttered with rolls of canvas, painting materials and shelves full of curios.

The Patan Patola

Patola saris have adorned women of royalty for centuries, but today they are a dying art. Difficult to create in this form, Patola saris today are being made by new age looms and in some place even machines; Mr Salvi is rueful as he tells us this. There is some hope though as Mr. Salvi says that his nephew is being mentored to take over the family tradition, and so Patola will survive, in this family at least, for another generation.