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Two young Indians quit their day jobs to follow their passion for travel, photography and storyteIMG_0272_1lling.

Ambika Vishwanath, is a political scientist and Middle East expert, and has spent the last 8 years of her life concentrated on that region. In her previous avatar she worked with an NGO, training women leaders who had been elected to panchayats or village councils across several states in India. This gave her the opportunity to experience this vast land in a unique manner, instilling in her a desire to understand further what makes her country tick. Having lived in several countries, she is a certified junkie for anything new, and believes that there is a story to be found on every street corner in India. In Hoshner, she has found the perfect partner with whom to undertake this mad and exciting expedition, and present to you the stories of India.

Hoshner Reporter, a former corporate executive who worked sales for IBM for 10 years before quitting to follow his passion, is an avid photographer and tends to see the world around him through his inner lens. Travelling with him means travelling with his camera and it is not unusual to find that he has wandered off in search of that perfect face, only to return with fascinating images and new friends. He believes that the essence of this country lies in her numerous villages and beautiful children, her majestic mountains and diverse wildlife, and the all encompassing ‘curry’. In Ambika, he has found a willing partner who waits while he chases that one perfect shot and captures the soul of India.

They invite you to come along and enjoy the journey with them, through their stories and pictures.


You can connect with the reDiscovery Project through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or write to us at therediscoveryproject@gmail.com

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  1. Raghu says:

    Hi, we loved your 2018 desk calendar and look forward to buying your 2019 desk calendar. Please let us know when we can expect the calendar to be ready for purchase.

    1. therediscoveryproject says:

      Hi Raghu, that’s great! Hoshner is actually designing the calendar as we speak! As soon as it’s ready we will be putting it up for sale on our blog and social media accounts, cheers! 🙂

  2. PK Bishoyi says:

    Hey Ambika and Hoshner,

    yesterday afternoon I came across your Podcast and now i finished the listening to whole of Season 4.
    It simple yet describing what things to do, how,where and the best time to do and i think that’s what a bag packer or a traveler would need.

    Now its time to go through your blogs.

    Me and my travel mate were wondering if you allow us to join you guys on your upcoming adventures.

    Hope I meet you guys some day.


    1. therediscoveryproject says:

      Thanks so much for your wonderful comment! Have you checked out the earlier seasons as well?
      We do try and make our Podcast fun, yet useful because we have found there’s generally a lack of good quality information out there to help travellers, so nice of you to recognize and acknowledge this.
      We would love for you to go through our blog and it would be great to know your thoughts on the same 🙂
      As for travelling with us, we just concluded a tour to Nagaland where some of our followers and other travellers joined us! Do keep following our blog and social media accounts to know when more such journeys are coming up, we would be happy to have you! 🙂

  3. Hey, Ambika and Hoshner. Its been 3 days I’ve been listening to your podcast. The way you guys explain your trip feels like we are with you seeing and we feel each and everything you describe the place. Please carry on with your trip. Just love to listen to your podcast in the morning while I’m on my it refreshes my mind. Thank You for sharing.

    1. therediscoveryproject says:

      Hi Lokesh, thanks so much for that lovely comment! It’s always great when people tell us they find the Podcast useful or fun or both! Thanks to folks like you who keep listening and keep encouraging us we will keep doing what we do! Thanks again! 🙂

  4. Nitin says:

    Hi Hoshner & Ambika,
    I have been listening to your podcast for couple of months on IVM. Each show is very well designed and presented in very conversational manner. Currently following season 4 ( Road Journeys and Himalayan Trek episodes were ‘epic’ ! ) . The ‘travel tip’ feature is very useful.
    All the best for the next destination.

    1. therediscoveryproject says:

      Hi Nitin! So glad that you are enjoying the Podcast 🙂 We tried to design Season 4 to be fun and full of travel tips and ideas and it’s so nice to hear that you are finding it useful! Keep listening and drop us a line on your thoughts. PS: The trekking episode is one of our favourites too! 🙂

  5. Gagan says:

    Interesting, just stumbled upon you site through firstpost. Your blogs and photographs on blogs are really nice. I would like read you blogs from the day one you started writing. Certainly your writing would have changed a lot as well as thinking from the day one to now. If some read from starting it’ll be great diary experience. I can try with previous and previous but there are many. Can you please post here the first blog link. Or is there another way to read date wise?
    All the best for your journey to rediscover India and yourself.

    1. reDiscoveryProject says:

      Hi Gagan, So glad you like the blog and the writing. Our style and perspectives have certainly changed over the three years we have been doing this and we now focus more on the little stories of people and places, the hidden corners of India! 🙂 It might be difficult to read date wise but everything is organised state wise, which is how we travel, so maybe you can start with the 5 southern states, the first leg of our journey. However we do recommend the post titled ‘Serendipity’ which is where it all began! 🙂
      P.S – some of our favourites states are Nagaland, MP, Gujarat if you want to start there.

      1. Gagan says:

        Thanks, I am going through your blogs.

        1. therediscoveryproject says:

          Cheers! 🙂

  6. I’ve just stumbled across your marvellous blog. Many of the posts are about places that I want to visit – and which hopefully I *will* visit! I look forward to reading about more off-beat Indian destinations.

    1. therediscoveryproject says:

      Hi Oliver, glad you like the blog! Hopefully you will get a chance to visit all the places you want to 🙂 Feel free to hit us up if you are looking for any specific information!

  7. Hey guys!
    I’ve been an avid listener of your Podcast and I’ve been recommending your blog and podcast to whoever would enjoy off-beat travel in India. And I also quite liked how you guys finally chose to take up what you enjoy doing the most. Do keep updating us with more of your podcasts and blogs. Happy travels!

    1. therediscoveryproject says:

      Wow Shweta, thanks for that! We are so glad that you enjoy the Podcast and the Blog and we hope your friends like it too 🙂 As long as we have readers and listeners like you, the blogs and Podcasts will keep coming 🙂

  8. Aparna Nair says:

    Hi, Love your blogs and podcasts… I and my husband love to travel and we quite essentially follow you guys on podcast before making our next travel plans. But quite to my surprise dint find any post on Uttarakkand, especially Mussoori….

    1. therediscoveryproject says:

      Hey Aparna, glad you love blog and the Podcasts! We travel state by state and since it’s a big country we have quite gotten everywhere yet! Next year will hopefully be our year of the hills so perhaps Uttarakhand will feature then 🙂 Until then keep following!

  9. coming across your podcast in Saavn is a wonderful accident I met with though driver is at non fault :p. I live in London and it takes me 1 hr to commute to work and I was always in search of some desi stuff to listen to apart from music. I found #NoFilterNeha 1st season was #cool and second season was like just an another show #uncool. Thank you guys, I am really enjoying your madness. My partner Anusha, Sia our lil one and myself would love to take a hiatus from work and travel across India. May be we will join you at least for one trip and Carpin all those diems!

    #Hoshner, a huge disappointment dude.. there is no single picture of yours with your fav crab and a pint in your website.

    #RediscoveryProject going great guns! Boom! Boom!

    1. therediscoveryproject says:

      Thanks so much Sandip, glad you enjoyed the Podcast!! Do let is know when you do that India trip.. PS.. check out our Pamban post.. you’ll find the crabs and the beers !! 😉

  10. Suneel Vora says:

    Amazing stuff Hoshner and Ambika, keep up the great work. Love your pictures

    1. therediscoveryproject says:

      Thanks Suneel. 🙂

  11. Mayur B Jori says:

    I have recently started to listen to the podcasts. I saw your thumbnail on the home screen and couldn’t stop myself from listening to it. Now I listen to it every night before sleeping. Love the way you narrate your experience.It feels natural and brings the beauty of places in front of me..

    1. therediscoveryproject says:

      Thanks Mayur, so glad you are enjoying the Podcast and it’s always nice to hear from listeners! We have just started on Season 2, look forward to hearing your thoughts on that!

  12. Devendra says:

    Your work seems like an odyssey of creativity. Where can I e-mail my writing samples to seek a chance to team up with you?

    1. reDiscoveryProject says:

      Hi Devendra, Thank you for your lovely words. You can get in touch via – therediscoveryproject@gmail.com
      Cheers 🙂

  13. Sudha says:


    1. reDiscoveryProject says:

      Thank you! Glad you like it 🙂

  14. Hi Please send me your contact number as i need to discuss few points with you.

    This is Bikash from Itmenaan Lodges, Punjabiyat.

    1. Hi Bikash, you can reach us on 9867981323 or 9004046778.

  15. Maulik Shah says:

    excellent pics guys. So proud of you Hoshner – you were always mad, now there is a channel to pursue the madness. Keep rocking and inspiring !!

    1. Haha thanks Maulik, wouldn’t have been able to do it without my equally mad wife Ambika 😉 Glad you are enjoying it !

  16. toinks says:

    Beautiful – the lines, the pictures, everything.
    Its a wonder I haven’t stumbled upon this earlier.
    Rock on 🙂

  17. toinksUma says:

    Beautiful, the lines, the pictures.
    Its a wonder I didn’t stumble upon this earlier.
    Rock on.

  18. Sampada Vinod says:

    Loved it..

    1. reDiscoveryProject says:

      Thanks so much Sampada! 🙂

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