reDiscovery Podcast S4E1: What you should know, before quitting your job to travel

The last few weeks have been crazy, what with us setting off for our first Euro trip together, planning for the Nagaland tour we will be leading in November (last few days to sign up!), wrapping up assignments and the recording the last few episodes of this seasons podcast!

But its all done and while we sit here in sunny Portugal, watching the sun go down over the beautiful countryside and typing this post, we are happy to share with your Episode 1 of our latest Podcast, where we answer a question we often get .. Should you quit your job to travel ?

We discuss the pros and cons of our freelance lifestyle, the highs and lows of not having a 9-5 job and how we sustain travelling all the time… financially and emotionally (travelling on a tiny budget for long periods of time can get exhausting!).

So if your considering dipping your toes into this crazy world, plug in your headphones and listen in now!

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