The reDiscovery Podcast: Ep 6 – Cherrapunji’s Living Root Bridges

This weeks podcast takes you to the village of Sohra in Meghalaya, better known around the world as Cherrapunji.

Come with us on a journey to experience an amazing feat of man working with nature, the living root bridges of Meghalaya. Climb down deep into the Khasi Hills, the wettest place on earth and step into a surreal land. You can thank us later.

This episode is part of Season 1 of our Travel Podcast Series, The reDiscovery Podcast produced by IVM Podcasts. You can check out older episodes here.

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If you liked this episode and you are itching to head down to Cherrapunji, make sure you check out our guide to visiting the Living root bridges.

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  1. It was astonishing, and awesome.
    Very informative.

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