The reDiscovery Podcast S02E08: Exploring Bombay!

One of the major themes of the reDiscovery Project is exploring your own backyard and so when we began our India exploration a couple of years back we decide to start with exploring our home base, Bombay! Now much has been written about the diversity and vibrancy of Bombay from the heritage areas of South…

Karvy – One of Nature’s many wonders

It would be an understatement to say that travel has opened us up to new possibilities, occurrences and events. When we hear of something different we change course, when told about a secluded beach or a ghost town or a temple at the bottom of a crater, we jump at the chance to explore and…

The Synagogues of Bombay

The Jewish community in the city is dwindling and are finding it difficult to maintain the eight synagogues that were once full. Many of these places of worship and gathering are in places we pass by, and we recommend that the next time you do, pop in for a visit and experience some of the diversity that keeps this city going.

Once upon a time in Bombay’s old Chinatown

One of the original Seven Isles, Mazagon is widely known to be the home of several old majestic churches, a large catholic community and the famous 18th century dockyard that builds ships for the Indian Navy. What was once a rich and affluent neighbourhood with rich Portuguese and Parsi families in large sprawling bungalows, it…

Bombay’s own ‘Blue Mosque’

Hidden away in the bylanes of Mumbai’s Mohammed Ali Road, lies this stunning 150 year old Mosque decorated in multi coloured mosaic tiles brought all the way from Iran.