Celebrating India

On the occasion of Indian Independence, we have compiled a series of images that represent and celebrate the country. Full of diversity in its people, history, heritage, food, language, religion and culture, India is a mystifying amalgamation and an amazing place where so much diversity that been absorbed and assimilated into what defines the country. We have been constantly awed by every corner of this country, that are at once extremely unique and distinctive and yet Indian at the core. Travelling from Tamil Nadu to Arunachal Pradesh and from Orissa to Gujarat you get a real sense of what India represents, and how this fascinating country is at once a billion different things to all its people, and yet that Indianness is unmistakable. This is our little ode to the country we are still trying to discover and understand and to celebrate India.

Happy Independence Day!


Photos taken from Kutch, Kanyakumari, Lingalakonda,Nashik, Bidar, Kannur, Champaner, Dah, Havelock, Tso Morirri, Mumbai, Nubra Valley, Manapad, Mandvi, Barsana, Allahabad, Agra, Tawang, Ahmedabad, Kanadukathan, Konark, Koraput, Munnar, Mahabalipuram, Ziro.

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