reDiscovery Podcast S3E4: A Konyak Naga documents her tribes dying tattoo culture.

The North East of India is a region like no other. With hundreds of tribes, each with different customs, traditions and dialects it is as diverse and culturally rich as anywhere else in the world. However with the relentless march of time many of these traditions are getting lost in the swirl of modernisation, not only for the broader world but for the future generations of the tribes itself.

In this week’s podcast we talk to Phejin Konyak, of the Konyak tribe of Nagaland, who is trying to preserve the unique tattooing heritage of her people, a practice associated with the heyday of headhunting in the state. The current generation of elders are the last of the tattooed headhunters and with them will die all knowledge of this unique tradition. Phejin has spent the last couple of years backpacking from village to village on the Indo-Myanmar border to meet and photograph these people and document their stories.

If you enjoyed this podcast and want to know more about the Konyaks fascinating headhunting and tattooing tradition make sure to pick up the beautiful photo book which Phejin has released, Last of the Tattooed Headhunters. We have seen the photos and they are absolutely stunning.

If you want to know more about Nagaland you can also check out our stories of time in the state here.

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