reDiscovery Podcast S3E1: Chatting with Shreevatsa, editor of NatGeo Traveller India about sustainable travel

We are back with Season 3 of the reDiscovery Podcast!

This season we shine a light on people and organisations we have met during our journey across India, who are using travel as a force of good. These are folks who are working to preserve a form of dying art, culture or heritage or working to conserve nature or wildlife or even making efforts to give back to their local communities in their own way, all while offering travellers a more immersive experience . 

So stay tuned, this is going to be a really interesting season!

We kick off the season by chatting with Shreevatsa Nevatia, editor of National Geographic Traveller India on sustainable and responsible tourism, what it means in a local context, people who are using travel to make a difference and some of our favourite spots to travel in India.

Shreevatsa is also a newly minted author! His first book, How to travel light, My memories of madness and melancholia is out now. You can check it out on Amazon.


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