reDiscovery Podcast S3E10: The Blue Yonder, using tourism to benefit communities

In the monsoon of 2017 we travelled to Kerala with The Blue Yonder, a company that takes experiential, offbeat tours in India with a very strong social focus.

It was the first time we had taken a ‘group tour’ (complete with minibus and all!), which is very different from the way we usually travel. But we had some incredible experiences with Gopi and his team, and learnt about a different side of Kerala which most tourists never get to see.

We also learnt about the work that The Blue Yonder engages in to help preserve local art and culture in the areas where they operate, as well as their unique model to make local communities partners, stakeholders and prime benefactors in the entire process.

In this episode we chat with Gopi, the founder of The Blue Yonder, about how it all started, their interesting business model and their flashship social tourism initiative around the river Nila and the communities and arts that exist and live off it.

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