The Sonepur Mela, Bihar’s answer to Pushkar

Down to the river. It is pitch black as I stumble out of my tent and join the stream of humanity resolutely making their way towards the river in the inky darkness.  It was only 5 am, but already the streets were lined with vendors selling everything from packets of flowers to hot milky tea….

Our travel goals for 2018

Where are you travelling next ? This is probably the most common question when we meet up with friends and family and from our followers after a long break and we are almost always at a loss to answer this! The truth is our travel plans are usually very free flowing and we make maximum use of the…

Some of our favourite moments of 2017

Looking back on a year that’s been exciting, challenging, rewarding and full of fun new experiences! Read on to know about our favourite moments of 2017

Why travelling in Bihar is a challenge. (And no, it’s not about safety!)

The first question most people ask us after a trip, when we’re back after weeks on the road, tired, sometimes a little bedraggled and always with mounds of laundry, is ‘how was it’. And the answer, almost always is a spontaneous ‘great’, followed by stories of people and bus rides, yummy food and stunning monuments,…

What to do if you find yourself in Patna!

Ok, so we have to admit, Patna is not your typical dream destination. However, on our recent journey through Bihar, we ended up spending four days in Patna and managed to find enough to keep busy. While the state is slowly shedding its negative image and we felt quite safe, infrastructure development has a long…

Finding Buddha in Bihar

Tracing the path of the Buddha from the spiritual home of the faith in vibrant Bodhgaya to the crumbling Kesariya Stupa in the dusty plains of north Bihar.