What to do if you find yourself in Patna!

Ok, so we have to admit, Patna is not your typical dream destination. However, on our recent journey through Bihar, we ended up spending four days in Patna and managed to find enough to keep busy. While the state is slowly shedding its negative image and we felt quite safe, infrastructure development has a long…

Finding Buddha in Bihar

Tracing the path of the Buddha from the spiritual home of the faith in vibrant Bodhgaya to the crumbling Kesariya Stupa in the dusty plains of north Bihar.

Bumming around in Bihar!

Join us on our journey around Bihar following in the footsteps of the Buddha, visiting the Sonepur cattle fair & exploring the art villages of Madhubani.

The Pushkar Mela in Photos

A photo essay on the Pushkar Mela with its camels, street artist, elaborately turbaned villagers, naga sadhus, colourful nomads & everything else in between.

A walk down Fontainhas; a small slice of Portugal in Goa

The sun is slowly setting in the cloudy Fontainhas sky bathing the red and yellow buildings in a subtle glow. In the distance we hear the sounds of mass in the Latin quarters’ St. Sebastian Church, but our attention is drawn instead to the mournful sounds of a violin coming from a house nearby. We…