Finding Buddha in Bihar

Tracing the path of the Buddha from the spiritual home of the faith in vibrant Bodhgaya to the crumbling Kesariya Stupa in the dusty plains of north Bihar.

5 reasons why Bhopal needs to be on your travel list !

Bhopal ? Why would you go to Bhopal ?! It’s not an unexpected refrain. After all, the enduring association with Bhopal for most Indians (and tourists from outside India for that matter) is the Union Carbide gas leak that lead to thousands losing their lives and millions more affected by the long term environmental poisoning…

The Stepwells of Gujarat

Water has always held a central role in civilisations, and these magnificent structures make more explicit the ancient concept of the sanctity of water. Built with great thought and reason, these stepwells are akin to inverted temples, where you walk down to the water surrounded by beauty and tranquility.

Hampi: The 5(ish) Minute Guide

Planning a Hampi trip? We tell you how to get there, where to stay & the top places to visit in Hampi in our comprehensive guide to this ancient city.