The reDiscovery Podcast: Ep 10 – The Fireflies of Bhandardara

We all hate the pre-monsoon heat and humidity !!

This year why not do something a little different and head into the forests of Bhandardara, in the Western Ghats, just a few hours drive from Mumbai, to check out the millions of dancing fireflies that light up the night.

We guarantee it will be an experience to remember.

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If you prefer reading, you can also check out our post on the Fireflies of Bhandardara here.

So this is the last Episode of the Season folks, thanks for all the love and feedback, we are starting to work on Season 2 which we expect will be out sometime in June!!

For Season 2 we are going to be following a slightly different format, so super excited about that ! Stay tuned folks and in the meantime you can check out earlier episodes of the reDiscovery Podcast on iTunes, Audioboom and Stitcher ! 🙂


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