The reDiscovery Podcast S02E06: Everything you need to know about the Ziro Festival of Music

When we quit our jobs to travel India, the first state we visited was Arunachal Pradesh. Travelling through the North East was high up on the agenda and we decided to begin with Arunachal and the awesome Ziro Music Festival.

Imagine a music festival set on a low hillock with miles of paddy fields all around, lots of good food, excellent music, happy vibes and beautiful people, I mean .. who wouldn’t want to go!

We love Ziro so much that we’ve been there two years in a row and are contemplating returning this year as well 🙂

For most folks getting to Ziro and Arunachal can seem daunting, but the journey is part of the entire adventure and this year to help you through it we’ve put out a Podcast giving you the complete lowdown on the festival, including how to get there, where to stay, the local food and culture and tips make sure planning your entire Ziro experience is a breeze!

So give it a listen and do let us know what you think!

If you need some additional information on the festival you can check out the guide we wrote on Ziro and the Festival for CondeNast Traveller or drop us a line in the comments below and we will definately get back to you.

Need some more inspiration ? Check out our Photo Story on the Ziro and the Festival here 🙂

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  1. Palak says:

    Can we plan a family trip to ziro music festival?
    Like it is fun for parents or not?

    1. therediscoveryproject says:

      Hi Palak, the journey is long and can be difficult, Ziro doesn’t have too many hotels and restaurants. Perhaps you should check out the ZFM website to see the kind of music that gets played and then take a call basis that and wether your parents can take the journey. Hope this helps.

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