The reDiscovery Podcast S2E03: Our favourite Proposed UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

A couple of weeks back India got its 36th UNESCO Site when the walled city of Ahmedabad was named a UNESCO World Heritage City.

UNESCO Sites are amongst the best ways to explore a countries heritage, culture and architecture, and with the tag comes funds to maintain and preserve the site. However the flip side is that the added attention bring crowds, which can sometime diminish the experience.

UNESCO also maintains a list of proposed sites which may or may not be bestowed with the world heritage tag and on our travels around India we have not only seen over 25 of the declared world heritage sites but also a large number of the proposed sites.

In this episode we talk about some of our favourite sites on the proposed list which we are rooting for to get the World Heritage tag. These are some stunning places, from ancient  temples and monuments to nature and culture.

We suggest you visit these sites now, before the crowds descend and earn yourself some bragging rights. Remember.. you heard it first here!

We also wrote a blog post on our favourite proposed UNESCO sites  so make sure you check that out too!

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