The reDiscovery Podcast S02E08: Exploring Bombay!

One of the major themes of the reDiscovery Project is exploring your own backyard and so when we began our India exploration a couple of years back we decide to start with exploring our home base, Bombay!

Now much has been written about the diversity and vibrancy of Bombay from the heritage areas of South Bombay to the city within a city which is Dharavi to the villages of Bandra and Girgaum.

But we decided to try and dig a little bit deeper and bring to you a few hidden gems in Bombay which even today remain relatively unknown.

Check out our latest Podcast to learn about things like the old Chinatown in Mazgaon, complete with a Chinese Temple or the Blue Mosque hidden in the bylanes of Mohammed Ali road which was built entirely with mosaic  tiles imported from Iran and other untold stories of this meltingpot.

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