reDiscovery Podcast S3E8: Steve Odoyo and his quest to bring back the animals

The North East conjures up images of thick forests, beautiful mountains and an abundance of nature, all of which is true.

However, what is also true is that a number of traditional practices of tribes in the North East like jhum cultivation and hunting has over the years lead to slow but steady deforestation and in some cases extinction of species.

This is especially true in Nagaland where the local tribes have for generations been engaged in jhum and are also traditionally hunter / gatherers who live off the forest. In fact there’s a standing joke told by many Nagas – that a Naga will eat anything which has four legs except for a table and anything that flies except for a plane!

In 2016 we travelled extensively through Nagaland and in this podcast we recount to you our experiences in the Wokha district of Nagaland where we were fortunate enough to meet Steve Odoyo, the founder of Natural Nagas, and NGO, to try and bring about a change in attitudes amongst his tribe folk and others to help protect the forest and bring back the animals in his village of Riphym and beyond.

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