reDiscovery Podcast S3E5: One family’s quest to preserve their unique ancestral home

We love old heritage homes and since this season is all about the preservation and conservation of art, culture and heritage we thought it would be great to feature the story of Maranat Mana, one of the last living Pathinaru Kettus or four courtyard homes in Kerala and the unique manner in which one Namboodari Brahmin family has come togther and instsitutued a system for the preservation of their ancestral home.

In this episode of The reDiscovery Podcast we chat about Praveen Maranat who gave up a lucrative career in the merchant navy to reconnect with his roots and come home to his village to help  preserve his ancestral home. Praveen has also converted the old family granary which is just outside the main home where they still stay, into a homestay for guests who are interested in a different side of Kerala and understanding the rich Namboodiri culture and way of life.

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Maranat Mana: one of Kerala’s last living traditional homes with four internal courtyards.

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