The reDiscovery Podcast S02E05: Our favourite Homestays in India

We love Homestays! To anyone who follows us this is pretty obvious, so we thought why not do an episode on our favourite homestays in India.

As we have travelled over half the country we have quite the list of awesome places to stay and for those who enjoy immersive travel, there’s no better way to experience a place than at the ground level through the eyes of a local.

Of course we love writing about the homes we’ve stayed at across the country and we’ve listed some of our favourites here and here but we thought doing a Podcast about it would be nice!

So tune in to this Episode of the reDiscovery Podcast where we chat about some of the most wonderful homes we have stayed at in India including a home amidst the jungles of Kanha to palatial Chettiar Mansions of Tamil Nadu, and a wonderful farmstay in Punjab .. Check them all out here!

We are at the halfway mark for Season 2 of the reDiscovery Podcast and if you’ve missed any of our earlier episodes you can check them out at IVM Podcasts or on iTunes, Audioboom and Stitcher.

Do let us know what you think about this episode and if you need any more info about the Homestays mentioned in the Podcast, feel free to hit us up!

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