Tamil Nadu, And so it Begins!

You can view the entire map of our South India journey here on Google Maps, It will get updated as we go along.

The first leg of our South India journey will take us down the eastern coast of India and through the temple state of Tamil Nadu. Over the next couple of weeks we will traverse a 1000+ Kms into the heart of Dravidian cultural history and walk the path of the glorious Southern Empires of yore. From the temple towns of Madurai, Trichy and Tanjore to the erstwhile Danish colony of Tranquebar; from the stunning ancient mansions of the Chettiars to the blue green waters of Pamban, India’s secret beach destination and Rameshwaram where legend has it that Lord Rama built his bridge to Lanka; and finally to Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of the Indian subcontinent, where if we are lucky we may get to see the sunset and moonrise at the same time.

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