Panna: Where wildlife meets heritage.

We arrived at Panna a little worse for the wear, with bad tummies and tired feet. We’d been on the road for a little over two weeks at this point, not a long stretch at all, but a busy stretch through Gwalior and Orchha with many monuments and forts crammed into long days. We loved…

Orchha: The Land Of Gods and Kings

It was only February but the days were already getting warm, making the tall glass of cool, sweet pomegranate juice I was greedily gulping down, all the more refreshing. We were in the market square of Orchha chatting with Deendayal, who runs a local guesthouse and sweet shop, about getting a taxi to Chanderi, which…

The 5(ish) Minute Guide to Gwalior.. and Around: Part II

The city of Gwalior, in a history spanning centuries, has fallen in the path of many empires from its early hindu kings to the Tomar Rajputs, the Delhi Sultanate, the Mughals and eventually the Scindias. All of these rulers left their mark on the city leaving it with a rich heritage of art, architecture, music and…

The 5(ish) Minute Guide to Gwalior.. and Around: Part I

A circular temple that looks like the Indian Parliament building, a group of shrines rescued from the dacoits of the Chambal and some of the most realistic carvings you have seen anywhere in India. Discover all this and more in magnificent Morena, just a short day trip from Gwalior.

Chanderi: Beyond the Sari

Chanderi is known for its famous ‘tana-bana’ style of weaving, and while the Saris are stunning, this ancient trading town offers so much more.

reDiscovery Podcast: Ep 4 – Puri, Odisha

With the ancient Sun Temple of Konark, artisan villages, a beautiful coastline and the famous Puri style cheesecake, Puri is a must visit for those looking for an alternative holiday destination.