Ask Us Anything at the Cleartrip Digital Travel Meetup!

When we started travelling, we dreamed of lots of things, but one thing we probably never imagined was that we’d be on a panel with other established travellers and bloggers in a forum organised by one of India largest travel companies!

So we are super stoked and pleased to announce that we will be part of Cleartrip’s Digital Travel Meet Up to be held this Independence Day, August 15, 2018 at 11am!

You can ask us anything from our travel style to our favourite place or food and how we’ve developed the perfect way to ‘solo travel with a partner’ 😉

Tweet at us via @Cleartrip and @reDiscoveryProj with #AskCleartrip and be part of this exciting initiative with us!

For a teaser on what we will chat about, read Ambika’s journey from being a solo traveller to finding the perfect partner to travel with, only on Cleartrip Stories!

Looking forward to ‘Tweeteracting’ with you guys on the 15th!

My Solo Travel Journey

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