Hello Kerala!

Kerala Map
You can see the entire Map of our travels in South India, updated as we move into a new state here.

After 3 odd weeks of travelling down the eastern coast of India, we make our way up the western coast from Kanyakumari into Kerala exploring all the places to visit in Kerala. After wandering the capital city of Trivandrum, where we had possibly the best meal of our trip so far, and lazing at the Varkala cliff, we have reached Kollam, the southern gateway of the stunning Kerala backwaters.

From here we head, for the first time on this trip, up into the hills to the lush green tea estates and spice plantations Munnar where we spend our time walking in the hills and visiting the Punarjani center there for its interesting Kathakali (more than the performance we enjoyed watching and photographing the performers ready themselves backstage) and Kalaripayattu martial art performances . After a few days we make our way further up the Western ghats and to the Kerala – Tamil Nadu border where we explore the British era tea estates of Kolukkumalai, the highest organic tea gardens in the world. From there we journey back towards the coast to the oh so quaint Fort Kochi and the temple town of Guruvayur . Finally we end our journey in Kerala, exploring the pristine beaches of the north around Kannur and checking out the regions unique Theyyam festival, before we make our way into Karnataka.

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