The 5(ish) Minute Guide to Gwalior.. and Around: Part II

The city of Gwalior, in a history spanning centuries, has fallen in the path of many empires from its early hindu kings to the Tomar Rajputs, the Delhi Sultanate, the Mughals and eventually the Scindias. All of these rulers left their mark on the city leaving it with a rich heritage of art, architecture, music and…

Chanderi: Beyond the Sari

Chanderi is known for its famous ‘tana-bana’ style of weaving, and while the Saris are stunning, this ancient trading town offers so much more.

Madhya Pradesh, Of Forts, Forests & Filfora

India’s second largest state is packed with everything a traveller could ask for, from rich forests and natural reserves to ancient caves and rock paintings to art, architecture and some amazing food to top it off. When we started planning our MP journey, the list of places to visit, for a variety of reasons, just…

Welcome to Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India !

After travelling all around the South and exploring parts of the West, East and North East we finally find ourselves in the Madhya Pradesh, smack bang in the middle of India, where we plan to spend 6 weeks exploring this massive and diverse state. Stay tuned! 🙂